Billy&Brett is comprised of visionary directors Billy Federighi and Brett Snider. They direct commercials for money. They think laughter is the best medicine. They’re rarely sick.


Billy & Brett is a comedy directing team comprised of visionary duo Brett Snider & Billy Federighi. They direct television commercials for money. They believe that laughter is the best medicine. Yep, just a couple of good time guys.

The video is better but if you must read, Billy & Brett are a product of good, midwestern upbringing. They met at film school in Los Angeles where they quickly realized that not teaming up would be a shameful misuse of talent. Shortly after this epiphany they joined forces in a quest for advertising glory. One hundred and fifty ads later, the pair have won multiple awards & garnered international attention for their work. They’ve shot campaigns for Coke, Mercedes, Sprint, Esurance, Sonos, Comcast, AT&T and Nissan to name a few. Wow, what a resume.

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